Speciality Work

From excavating and sealing complex driveways to planting delicate floral borders and everything in between, Craig Hooper and his team can provide a total and comprehensive landscaping package.

Lawns, water features, decking, drives and fences are just some of the diverse landscaping services that Craig can co-ordinate.  All scheduling is managed by Craig and every sub-contractor is selected for their ability to deliver their services on time, thereby removing the entire headache and hassle from even the most diverse and comprehensive landscaping undertakings.

By engaging and managing all the contractors including excavation experts, concrete suppliers, electricians, engineers and other specialists, Craig is able to ensure a smooth and efficient landscaping project. 

Disruption to the client is minimised, tasks are performed on time and Craig Hooper takes responsibility for ensuring that the entire job is completed to the total satisfaction of the client.

Outdoor barbeque installations, lighting features, shade sails, customised seating… let Craig Hooper co-ordinate your entire landscaping project from start to finish.



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